All designs are created with a user or society (group of users) in mind. Regardless of is these users are human or not, every well-developed design has been created with the needs, preferences and traits of its users in mind. To achieve this we as designers are responsible to explore the experiences and perspectives of our users.

All of my theoretical knowledge regarding user research in the context of design comes from the subject ‘User Centered Design’. This was a great foundation to be applied in Project 1, used for creating the user interviews, personas, storyboards and other research methods, crucial to the development of the Chefs’ Aisle. I used the keystroke analysis method to discover the efficiency and plausibility of the Chefs’ Aisle and conducted two semi-structured interviews with target users to find out if and how they would use our system, and what they would change about it.

In P1 I only did interviews and contact research with one of the stakeholders relevant to our project. In P2 I want to broaden the types of stakeholders I come into contact with. I will identify 3 different stakeholders and hold different interviews in whatever form is fitting to gain experience with user research regarding different stakeholders. This will be done before the demo day of P2.
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