In my vision, I emphasise on the importance of functionality and inclusivity. I have signed up for the squads ‘Transformative Practices’ and ‘Inclusive Design and Thoughtful Technology’. Whilst I know what my vision is, I don’t have a lot of real-life experience with these subjects in the context of design. Through these squads, I hope to gain that experience and insight. I want to learn what inclusivity and functionality mean for different people, and what shapes their definitions. To learn more about the user and people side of design I want to do an extra-curricular board year at either Lucid or another association. Being a member of the board requires you to be considerate of your association members and how to include them in a functional way. Somewhere in the next two years, I want to do this to gain insight into this on a social level which I can then apply as a designer.

Besides that, I don’t have a very set plan for my future yet. The different squads and the board year will challenge me as a person; change me as a designer and hopefully bring me closer to my vision. The world around us is constantly changing, I want to keep my options for the future open to ensure that I can keep up with the speed of transformation and stay open-minded to what may come.
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