I grew up as a ‘third culture kid’ in a couple of different countries, in Denmark and Dubai I attended IB schools that had the subject Design. Within this subject, I was exposed to many different aspects of design and soon developed a passion for it.  I researched, designed and built a wooden toy, a clock, a house mockup and a speaker, . I was quite young at this point and the process going into designing these things was very simple, but it was the spark responsible for my choice of Industrial design.
This led me to designing the ‘Gr8 Helperer’ with a group of students. The idea behind this was an interface designed to guide students from a specific grade and school. It was a website system that students would run to make relevant for only their grade, providing guidance, worksheets, videos, advice and other materials based upon the work and reports due that week. Students could ask questions and help each other, intending to lower stress levels among students and create more cohesion.

I was quite young at this point and the process of going into designing these things was very trivial, but it sparked something. The freedom within the design process intrigued me, especially because many other subjects were the opposite and felt more limiting and constricting. These experiences nurtured a growing curiosity for solving issues through design and inevitably led to me choosing to study Industrial Design.
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