Maths, Data and Computing are a medium for making solid conclusions and well-founded arguments. When doing (user) research this can be quantitative. It is crucial to analyse the data sets as accurately as possible to ensure that the conclusions you make can be used to base your designs upon.

Calculus and Physics have provided me with the theoretical insight and basis to be able to apply maths, data and computing into other parts of my journey as an industrial designer. I especially used this during the course, Creative Mechanical Engineering when calculating the stress of the forces on the pieces of the designs we modelled. This was really interesting because it really made me think about how material choice, sizing and the shaping of parts can either make or break a design, literally.

I feel like I have a good basis on the maths and computing field, however I haven’t paid enough attention to the data aspect. For quarter two I will be taking the subject Data analytics, I want to pass this with a minimal grade of a 7.0, this way I can ensure I have put full effort and my understanding is up to par to be able to apply it in other projects.
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