In my vision I indicate that I want to focus on accessibility and mental and physical wellbeing. I signed up for the squad 'Inclusive design and thoughtful technology' as I believe this squad will help me realise my vision by exposing me to how different designers approach and interpret inclusive design. To explore fields outside of my vision I signed up for the 'New futures' squad, as this concerns itself with designing for 'the good life' and I would like to investigate the role of a home and the effect of sound and embodied interaction on a persons happiness. By participating in these squads I hope to explore human behaviour  and wellbeing and how this can change due to external factors. 
In the next two years I want to join team ignite, a part of what they do is creating light installations. Emotions play a really important part of my life and these can be greatly influenced by the use of light. I am very motivated by the use of emotions and want to use my passion for this to continue exploring my technical capabilities on the field of lighting design. 
I am driven by change and want to create a desired future for all generations to come by continuing on my journey as an inclusive designer. 
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