Something I am really passionate about is photography. When I was younger my parents had a small compact camera they took on vacation, it was always a struggle for them to take pictures themselves as I was always walking around with this camera. Since then I have only grown, I started with nature photography and bigger animals, after this birds became my focal point. When I bought my first camera by myself in 2019 I started exploring all possible directions, from portrait to urban photography. The style that stuck with me the most is insect photography, but nature and abstract photography are things I occasionally direct myself to as well. I am planning to broaden my abilities in this by following workshops, as this is something I would like to pursue in the future as well.

Overview of the Figma page for the prototype for midterm demoday of Project 1

Figma workshop

During the second semester I followed a workshop on Figma. As I had never used this program before, I acquired immense knowledge on useful features. The workshop started with the basics, but quickly became more difficult and required more skill so I learnt a lot in a short time. Afterwards I used this skill in the prototyping for the midterm demoday for project 1. 
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