Creativity and aesthetics can be considered a luring mechanism in design. A design with appealing aesthetics is likely to receive more traction than the same design where the aesthetics were neglected because people enjoy engaging with attractive things.

I have spent a lot of the past year creating and building prototypes, where creativity plays a big role. For From Idea to Design I was responsible for building both major prototypes. One of our initial iterations was ‘Master your mind’ a board game that promoted facing your social fears. This later evolved into ‘Sattern’, a communication and interaction game that eased social connection in combination with mindful sand meditation. The latter was created with a rustic vibe, earthy tones, wooden materials and patterns burned into the sides. For Creative Electronics I built the ParkMate system and car. Inspired by the postman pat vehicle to add a certain level of playfulness. 

I did a small amount of graphic design for Project 1, working on the branding and makeup of our project.
In the past year, I have done all of my realisation and aesthetic prototyping by hand. Whilst this was great for the development of my practical skills, I feel like I am keeping myself in my comfort zone and need to start exploring different techniques through different media. I want to use more 3D printing and laser cutting in my iterations. For my next three hi-fi protoypes, I will use these modern technologies in whichever way is fitting in that moment in time.
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