Business and Economics are the necessary skills to bring a design out into the world. They are the bridge between something going from a ‘design’ to a ‘product’. They are crucial to creating a connection between products and their users, because business and economics can often be a large incentive in our society.

My experience from business and economics comes pretty much solely from Project 1. In Project 1 we designed the Chefs’ Aisle, a supermarket system aimed at motivating students into cooking. I designed two different business models for the. One being the business model canvas in regard to how business would look for solely the supermarket system. And two is how we would profit from this, being a package deal of: selling our interfaces, hardware, administrative features to the software, the training of employees and a service contract for a reasonable price holding shares in the profit made. I really enjoyed doing this because it required me to think from a different perspective as a designer than I previously had.

I currently have some practical knowledge regarding business and sales. I however really lack the theoretical knowledge, to work on this I will be reading the book ‘The Design Agenda’ by Cooper and Press, I will have finished it by the first of September.
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