I am Tessa Doornbos, I am a second year Bachelor student Industrial Design driven by change and impact. I am inspired by human behaviour, mental and physical health and I want to design for a more accessible world. Below you can find my professional identity and my vision. Please explore this portfolio to get to know me and see my growth the past year and my goals for the future!

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that” is a phrase I have heard my entire life. My family has always encouraged me to try new things, even if I did not know how to. This created my broad interest and curious nature. I am not afraid to try new things and believe that even if you fail the first time, there is always another try or you can find another way.

I have experienced a lot in my life, both happy and unfortunate moments, but I think that is what makes me a versatile human being. I think deeply and try to experience the best life I can. “Love the life you live, but also live the life you love” was a phrase me and my friends would say before doing something ambitious and we always encouraged each other to make the most of ourselves and our lives. My past makes me committed to the people around me and involved in the experiences of others. This is where you learn the most. In a group, this consequences in me observing and listening closely to what others say or do, making sure they can express their perspective and I provide a neutral perspective for issues.

Because of my curious nature and my challenge-focused upbringing I love researching. The why and how behind facts, questions, feelings and stories is something that I have always been drawn to. It gives great insights and ensures a proper awareness and judgement. Because of this, the project-phase that digs deeper into a certain idea suits me quite well. My characteristics can be found in the role I take in a group as well, as I like to make sure everything is done correctly, take notes on everything and check that enough information is gathered to make a wel considered decision. For me, comprehension is the first step towards change.

I am driven by change. For me this is accomplished when the way another human being goes through life has altered to being better than before. I find it beautiful when I am able to help someone even the tiniest bit, as the gratefulness of someone can be astounding and I feel peace and delight with the fact that they can have a better experience of moments in life. I believe that when someone has felt such kindness, they will give it on, slowly making the world a better place.

My interest in people stimulates me to use this aspect of my identity in the work field. As I see it now, I would like to use my interests in the healthcare sector as I have always been very interested in biology and the workings of the brain and body. I want to have a greater ability to add positive changes to lives and I think through healthcare other, smaller, sectors can be reached as well. My attention is focused on improving both mental problems or disorders, like autism, high sensitivity or depression, as well as physical problems to make living life easier in a world made for able-bodied people. The way that these people can look to life with a positive view again is the aspect that I aim to be able to change the most.

Nowadays, technology is a very big factor of daily life. Life has become dependent on it. Everyday behaviour has changed and possibilities seem endless, with every bit of information at our fingertips. All kinds of technology has made our lives better, faster, more fun and easier. Designers are now able to make a huge impact on life through these technologies, which also creates a lot of responsibility.

For designers, it is necessary to be aware of and be able to understand human behaviour and behaviour change technologies. They have a unique position, which can reach interesting solutions to complex problems, challenging what has been done before. The combination of knowledge and the ability to have an impact on problems, can steer innovation.

Knowledge about people is very important to know what problems need to be solved and how. I am especially interested in human behaviour with regards to psychology and biology, how this expresses itself in the environment people find themselves in and how gathering knowledge and finding solutions on this can provoke change.

Right now, able-bodied persons can have a great advantage in numerous situations. I want to design for the people that do not have this luxury of being able to assume that everything is accessible. To be able to let people who have physical difficulties, or mental restraints live the same way that others do, without constantly having to question whether what they want to do is possible, is my ambition.
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